Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Ryan Shazier got a standing ovation at last night's Pittsburgh Penguins game. Shazier suffered a serious spinal injury against the Cincinnati Bengals on December 4th and was just recently released from the hospital.

Shazier, with the assistance of his fiance, stood up to wave at the capacity crowd. Shazier is a huge hockey fan and told the media after being hospitalized for nearly 2 months, he wanted to get out of the house and show support for his team. The Penguins say its not unusual for Shazier to attend games during the NFL offseason.

Following his surgery on December 6th, it was unclear if Ryan would be able to walk again. His teammates and coaches are blown away by Shazier's dedication, progress and rehab. Under his current NFL contract, he is guaranteed 8.7 million dollars even with the injury.

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