Rush Limbaugh has dismissed a case that many conservatives have tried to make for months, saying that Obama's impeachment is simply out of the question.

"You're not gonna talk people against Obama," says Limbaugh. "Too many factors that stand in the way of that. . . you can persuade people that Democrats are a problem. But there's no point in trying to get people to disavow their support for Obama right now. That isn't gonna happen."

Instead, Rush says that "we have to plant the flag and tell everybody who we are, what we stand for, and what we will not tolerate."

El Rushbo summarized his thoughts by pointing out where the focus should be: "You can point it out city by city where liberals have run the place unchecked. You see literal ghost towns. You see bulldozed Third World-type locations, and this is linked to a particular political party, and that I think is where attention needs to be focused."

Rush also criticized AP Political Editor Liz Sidoti, who wrote an article titled "With Big Promises Often Come Big Failures," as being "out of touch."

In the beginning, the president had nothing but big promises. Where are they now?

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