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Ever vigilant for liberal attempts to encroach upon the use of things that contribute to the convenience of life in a free society, Rush Limbaugh has uncovered what could develop into a sinister plot to deep six the use of Styrofoam.

The Dean of The Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies notes: “…Mayor Doomberg in Brooklyn…delivered…supposedly his final, State of the City address, (and Bloomberg) made (the following) suggestion."

"One product that is virtually impossible to recycle and never biodegrades is something …not just terrible for the environment, it's … terrible for the taxpayers. Styrofoam increases the cost of recycling by as much as $20 per ton because it has to be removed. Something we know is environmentally destructive that is costing tax payers money, and that is easily replaceable...

AUDIENCE: (applause)"

“…applauded?  (Getting rid of) Styrofoam?” asks Rush.

Referencing  the Mayor’s earlier ordaining to limit the serving size of soft drinks at restaurants in the Big Apple, Rush notes:

“…And if you put your sugary soft drink larger than 16 ounces and whatever food item with salt and trans fats in a Styrofoam container, you might go to jail in New York City.”

America’s Truth Detector is not wont for illustrations to support advancing such ideas might serve to further break down the capitalist free enterprise system:

“Now, Reuters has…the story, and they…mention in passing, "The plan is likely to meet opposition from small businesses, since alternatives to Styrofoam tend to cost between two and five times as much."  So?  Isn't big business and small business getting away with murder already?  It ought to cost 'em two to five times as much.  Styrofoam is a problem…!"