America’s Truth Detector said early in February “…I really don't like being a "see, I told you so." This was regarding what he saw as melting resistance to the administration’s onslaught against Freedom and Liberty; particularly the way the Republican Party had “caved” on Obamacare.  Here at the beginning of March, Rush isn’t exactly saying “See, I told you so,” but is pointing to that sentiment about the dreaded Sequester.

El Rushbo references the president’s February 9th dire prediction that the Sequester “…is not an abstraction. People will lose their jobs. The unemployment rate might tick up again,” and affirms the suggested official stance is that Sequester “… (is) gonna cut, they're saying, $85 billion.  We actually know it's 22.  But we'll go with their 85.” The latest information seems to suggest the hand wringing and hyper-ventilating might not have been all that necessary.

“This is not a cliff, but…a tumble downward. It's conceivable that in … the first month, a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the Sequester. But this is going to be a big hit on the economy,” said Obama in an address on February 27th.

America’s Anchorman points out:

“He's getting cold feet out there. They did everything they could to get the Republicans to cave and go along with raising taxes and making some kind of deal. Now the Sequester is gonna hit and guess what? The president has to go out there and say…You're not gonna notice it at all, is the bottom line. The Republicans, for whatever reason, held firm. They didn't buckle. …So it isn’t gonna matter anyway. You and I know, but that’s about it.”

There is another detail in the story that the Fourth Estate might not mention in the headlines. The Commander in Chief of the Ditto Head Nation found information in a late issue of the Wall Street Journal. The Los Angeles Times also has the report. On the eve of Sequester, Secretary of State John Kerry let it be known that "...theUnited States is now providing nonlethal assistance to Syrian rebel fighters to…expedite the removal from office that nation’s President Bashar al-Assad." The cost: $60 million.

“But do you think maybe we could save that $60 million and keep some firemen employed?  We're giving $60 minimum to Syrian freedom fighters here on the eve of the Sequester?”


“After all of the fear-mongering and after all the threats and all the dire predictions, now…it isn't much of anything at all, Obama's gotta come out, "Hey, by the way, you're not gonna notice the first week, two weeks, three, maybe first month.  You won't notice anything." 

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