Watching a CNN analysis with Cato Research Institute’s Michael Tanner is eerily like reading from George Orwell’s “1984," with the news reel effect of what will happen with the sequester. And the truth is, it is going largely unnoticed. But America’s Truth Detector expounds on how the show was staged for the benefit of President Obama’s political ambitions.

All Seeing, All Knowing Ma Ha Rushie notes the price tag for the president’s recent golf outing with Tiger Woods, by some estimations, would have funded the paychecks of 341 government workers whom it’s now being said are “furloughed.”

Caller Courtney said “… my husband is an eight-year veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment and now works for the Department of Justice agency, ...he is in receipt of his 14-day furlough notice, …for our one-income family.  We have two young boys.  and…had…to…trim our budget in a matter of days so we can try to make it through this.  …these agencies can't figure out how to trim their budget, instead passing it off to the middle income workers.”

Commander in Chief of the Ditto Head Nation is supportive in his response to Courtney. “…Obama wants pain like you are experiencing, … because he wants Republicans getting blamed for the tight economic circumstances that you're now in because of him…. It's not necessary at all for your husband to be furloughed those days.”

Caller Courtney observes: “That's what's so frustrating.  In his (Courtney’s spouse) agency alone there's so much wasteful spending on a daily basis.  You know, there's no reason they need to drive 2013 government cars.”

The All Compassionate Ma Ha Rushie expresses agreement with the anguish this member of the Ditto Head nation shares and eloquently sums up what is the driving force of this latest administrative stage show.

“Obama doesn't care about the people that disagree with him.  In his mind, you are …a minority.  Obama's objective, … using your husband …, and others like your husband, … is to eliminate all opposition, political opposition.  This is about wiping out the Republican Party, that's all this is, and you, your family, your husband is a mere pawn in this, Courtney.  You are paying the price for Obama's political ambitions.”

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