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Check this out: the new United States Secretary of State of Confusion about world geography.

“Last Wednesday in Charlottesville,Virginia, at the University of Virginia, (John) Kerry delivered his first major foreign policy address, and he invented a country that does not exist...”

The Dean of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies then aired an audio bit that caught Mr. Kerry referring to the Russian Republic state of Kyrgyzstan (that’s pronounced ker-gi-stahn’) as "Kyrzakhstan."

Note that, indeed, world maps indicate that on the northern border of aforementioned country, there is the Russian Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Kyrzakhstan -- looks and sounds a bit like a line from a pop song that during another period of world unrest and war, in the fade, the artist was heard to chant about “Iraq & Iran.” Only then, the pronunciation didn’t lead to the creation of a “new country/state.”

But El Rusbo notes this pronunciation mash-up of two very real mid-Asian, border-sharing, land-locked countries occurred during the Secretary’s “first major foreign policy address,” and that it occurred “five days ago…and we are just now hearing about it.”

What’s more, ever vigilant All Seeing Ma Ha Rushie recalls an earlier address Kerry made, just after his appointment to the office of Secretary of State and drives home a double point concerning confusion,

“…I thought he said that the biggest threat facing our country wasn't China or Russia but climate change. Now he's talking about great things happening in Kyrzakhstan (which is of course, non-existent.)”

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