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The Dean of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies is offering members of the Ditto Head Nation a classroom session concerning his presidential political theorem of “Perpetual Campaigning versus Actually Governing."

Bob, a former Marine inTallahassee, sparked the lecture with an astute observation concerning something called “baseline budgeting.” Without a lengthy explanation for that, know that Bob asks the question “…if you’re getting 15 dollars more for every $3700 you were spending, why are you laying anybody off in the first place?”

Several exchanges leading to Bob’s realization and confirmation of the Limbaugh Presidential Political Theorem: “Well, it’s just like when they were campaigning. (What was Rahm Emanuel doing on the news) all the time he’s telling ‘em - never let a good crisis to waste - and that (the president) hasn’t governed anything. He’s campaigned from one crisis to another.”

America’s Truth detector points out that even the “not conservative bunch,” Common Cause has “…just demanded that Obama shut down his permanent campaign….The Limbaugh Theorem proven once again…gaining traction…although I’m not being named in it."

All Knowing Ma Ha Rushie admits “There’s a lot of things that have never made sense to me.” But his powers of observation serve to help him to postulate how Obama wins elections and massive public approval when everybody disagrees with his agenda. The short answer is:

“…people do not associate Obama's agenda with conditions in the country.  People do not associate Obama's policies with the status of the country.  Because Obama is never seen as governing.  Obama is constantly seen as campaigning.  He is fighting these powerful forces that are making all these things happen.  …he's not gonna do anything that adds a dime to the deficit.  Well, a lot of dimes are being added to the deficit, but people don't think Obama's doing it 'cause he said he wasn't going to. He’s obviously…working very hard. Bush created such a mess. So it’s gotta be the Republicans… (who) don’t want Obama to succeed. He’s occupying…this perpetual campaign position.”

El Rushbo points out this trend might be turning because the “not so conservative” group Common Cause, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and “all these republicans” are   demanding that Obama get of the campaign trail.

“…more and more people are now wising up to it.  …He's still running for office.  He's not occupying it, as far as the low-information voters are concerned…You can't negotiate with someone who's not in power... Stop and think about that.”

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