America’s Truth Detector observes that the Drive By Media is a Third Millennium Doctor Frankenstein that is worried it might have created a monster now stalking the Oval Office.

From a New York Times article titled Watching Obama for Signs of Change penned by Jackie Calmes, Rush supports his observation: “…many will watch as well for signs of the state of Barack Obama. Inside the White House and out, advisers and associates have noted subtle but palpable changes in Mr. Obama since his re-election."

Rush notes that in his vigilance, he has seen the mainstream media raise previous questions concerning the stability of Obama, and further cites the Calmes piece regarding possible morphing of the man into an “Obamastein."

"He even carries himself a little bit differently," said one confidant who, like others, asked not to be identified discussing the president. "He is relaxed, more voluble and even more confident than usual, these people say, freer to drop profanities or dismiss others' ideas -- enough that even some supporters fear the potential for hubris."

Rush interjects his commentary into the article:

"...(laughing) The potential? The potential for hubris? Anyway, the point is they're seeing it now. Hubris is an out-of-control self-absorption. Narcissism, self-love, a guy who can't stop looking at himself in the mirror because he loves it. They're worried.”

He also references how this behavioral shift is giving rise to concerns about the president’s ability to deliver on his promise to bridge a partisan divide:

“Now, of course that's absurd, because, yeah, he promised to bridge it, but he gave up on that the first day he was inaugurated 2009. There hasn't been any pretense at bridging the partisan divide. He is the divider-in-chief.”

Commander in Chief of the Ditto Head Nation remains philosophical in his assessment. He doesn’t want to be an alarmist concerning what he sees as some supporters of the president chewing their nails over.

“… they're worried about it, …[A]mong his remaining aides it is not plain who might confront him at any danger signs. Meaning there nobody has the guts to say, "Hey, you know what? You're about to go off the rails here." I'm telling you, don't make too much of it, but it's two days in a row, (this monster behavior seems evident) and I just wanted to point it out here, folks.”