With the ongoing battle of abortion legality around, Rush Limbaugh has claimed that liberals are taking a stand against having photos of the very product that they wish to allow.

Limbaugh followed up on a column written by Andy McCarthy at The Corner.

"My friends at the American Freedom Law Center (I’m on the advisory board) have filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court urging the justices to reverse a Colorado state court ruling -- get this, now, -- that bans public display of 'gruesome' abortion images on the remarkable ground that pictures of children who have been aborted might ... offend children," said Limbaugh.

Rush added that liberals did not seem to have an issue with showing pictures and videos of the Abu Ghraib prison incidences during Bush's term.

"They wanted the pictures at Abu Ghraib displayed, and why? Well, because they were trying to humiliate Bush," he said.

Rush also discussed the 1st Amendment and how showing images of abortion falls under this. However, abortion does not.

[via rushlimbaugh.com]