America’s Truth Detector is ever alert during this time of “Sequesteria.” He has found that one of the Drive By media teams has researched and released a list of “57 Terrible Consequences” if the present administration and congress don’t do something to inhibit the sequestration of about $44 billion in federal funds.

Says Limbaugh:

“…what a list. We might as well...all just commit mass suicide because if this sequester happens if we only spend $15 billion more this year than next these 57 things are gonna happen. Do you realize how absurd this has gotten now? No longer do these crises occur if we spend less. Now they occur even if we don't spend enough more!”

The Dean of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies is making the point  that if unleashed sequester will stop the spending of about $44 billion…but, it appears the federal government will still spend about $15 billion more this year than last year.


“…let put it a different way.  If only spending $15 billion more this year than last year is gonna cause the government to stop doing practically everything it does, and that's what that list (means) -- I mean, …it's gonna keep the government from doing everything it does.”

El Rushbo warns the learned researchers and guardians from this particular arm of the Fourth Estate have not released the whole of the information capital to which the American public has rightful access.

“There will be two fewer hours in the day…  Cloud cover will be cut back to 10%.  Sanitation engineers will only pick up garbage one bag per week.  People will not be able to use the bathroom between the hours of eight p.m. and six a.m.  Boys will have to shoot 20 fewer baskets a day.  Girls will have to send 15 fewer texts a day.  And the movies will stop matinees.  I mean,…They're not telling you everything that's gonna happen because of (sequester).”

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