Though he has not officially announced yet, there seems to be little doubt that former Louisiana Governor and Congressman Buddy Roemer is serious about making a run for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.  After 20 years out of the political limelight, Roemer says he's decided to re-enter the political scene because, as he says, America is a nation in peril and he thinks he's got a plan to save it.  The Bossier City native gave a large crowd of friends, family, and supporters a 53-minute lesson in economics this afternoon and outlined his plan to bring America back to the dominant position it once held on the world stage.  Roemer says he'll make his official announcement in New Hampshire sometime this month and he's leaving here for there Monday morning.  He says he's already got an apartment in New Hampshire but plans to spend a lot of time over the next few weeks traveling the country.  He'll be in California July 26-28.

Here's Roemer's entire 53-minute address -- broken into five 10- or 11-minute segments because our system won't allow me to upload anything larger than 16MB and his entire talk is more than 45MB -- even in MP3 format:


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