A Shreveport homeowner was very lucky to escape a fire in their home unharmed. A call came in at 9:31a.m. of a two-story house fire on the 9000 block of Mitcham Drive. Shreveport Firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to see smoke and flames billowing from the structure.

The Firefighters on the scene suited up and swept the home to make sure no other residents or pets were inside. After the house was cleared, Firefighters contained the fire on the second floor of the structure.

The homeowner was alerted by a neighbor that their house was on fire. The neighbor then ran in to the house to close doors in an attempt to contain the fire to one area of the house.

It took 11 – Fire Units, 28 – Firefighters, 14 – minutes to bring the situation under control. Battalion Chief Jimmy Hill placed the fire under control at 9:51 a.m. There were no injuries to any fire fighters or any citizens. The home did sustain moderate damage to the second level. The Shreveport Fire Department’s Fire Investigator determined the cause of the fire was accidental.

This follows another house fire in Cedar Grove on April 6th. As well as two truck fires on the Interstate on the same day. Shreveport Firefighters seem to have their hands full at the moment. Lets hope things ease up for them soon.

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