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Student loan forgiveness has become a very hot topic as student loan debt has reached a crisis level in the United States. Recently, CNBC published that the student debt crisis has now reached $1.7 trillion, and will reach $3 trillion by 2035.

There are multiple issues with the student loan system, including predatory practices from lenders, discharge options, and the explosive costs of private four-year colleges. While public four-year schools have seen their tuition increase from a few thousand dollars on average, to about $10k, private schools have seen their tuition explode from around $10k to just under $40k. These numbers are all based on data between 1970 and 2019.

With this crippling debt harming families across the United States, many have been calling for some form of student loan debt forgiveness. This isn't a new idea, but its something that has been gaining steam over the last few years. It is now reaching highs in interest after the pandemic.

Post-pandemic, the US is dealing with a lot of self-inflicted inflation that is causing pain from coast to coast. Which is creating an increased interest in the idea of canceling student debt.

But in the state of Louisiana, that interest isn't really growing.

New research from the website MyeLearningWorld shows that Louisiana's interest in student loan forgiveness is growing at one of the slowest rates in the country. In fact, Louisiana's interest in the topic is growing at the 7th lowest rate in the nation.

Now, gut reaction might say "well, Louisiana is a conservative state, and that would be why"...but the data doesn't support that. Student loan forgiveness may be a topic talked about by progressive politicians more than conservatives, but the states with growing interest in the concept actually includes multiple very conservative states.

The #1 state with an increased interest in student loan forgiveness is South Dakota, a very conservative leaning state. Number 2 on the list is Montana...another very conservative state. Also in the Top 10 in the research are Iowa and Idaho. But the other states in the Top 10 aren't turbo liberal states either. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan are all in the Top 10.

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