Louisiana residents have been waiting for weeks to hear from officials that the state has started to "flatten the curve" with the COVID-19 outbreak. For nearly a month, the idea of "flattening the curve" has seemed out of reach, with many believing that social distancing and "stay at home" orders were going to become indefinite.

Over the last month, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards hasn't had much for good news to report to his state. His daily press briefings have been full of negative updates, including extensions for business shutdowns and disturbing numbers.

But this week, it appears things may finally be shifting for Louisiana. The model provided by The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington this week shows that their math indicates Louisiana's peak for COVID hospital needs has now passed. But they're not the only ones showing optimism.

Governor John Bel Edwards has also started to indicate that the numbers his team is working off from also shows that curve may be "flattening". The Governor even indicated that the hospitals in the state of Louisiana will also not run out of hospital beds and ventilators this week, as he previously said the models projected.

Even with this positive information, the Governor still said that the state must continue with its mitigation measures. Including keeping businesses and schools closed, and enforcing strict social distancing laws.

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