The American Red Cross continues to encourage heart health with another Health Connections event at First Baptist Bossier.

It's going on June 7 beginning at 7 a.m at the church located at 2810 E. Texas Street, next to Pierre Bossier Mall. A range of life-saving diagnostic tests and services, including complete blood work batteries, will be offered.

"This event continues to be well-attended because the atmosphere is casual, friendly and non-clinical," said local Red Cross Executive Director Michelle Davison in a news release. "We are seeing a wider range of ages because of the public's increasing awareness of health complications that can appear at basically any time."

Here's the list of services and prices:

· Multi-Chemistry, CBC, Lipid & Thyroid Profiles - $40: A test that evaluates cholesterol levels and blood sugar with additional tests, including lipid, liver and thyroid functions.

· Multi-Chemistry, CBC, Lipid & Thyroid Profiles with PSA - $50: This test builds on the first test by adding a prostate cancer screen for men.

It's recommended you fast for 12 hours prior to testing (water is OK), and bring a stamp or 49 cents to purchase one with you when you go.

Davison calls this event a win-win situation: "If you find out you’re in perfect health, there is tremendous peace of mind. If you have risk factors for something like diabetes or heart disease, it’s best to know now so you can make preventative changes to your lifestyle. And if you do have something serious, you may well be catching it in time for treatment."

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