Shreveport leaders are working to bring a recycling program back to the city. Public Works Director Gary Norman says the first request for proposals went out last year and there was no response. The city sent out another request and four companies have submitted proposals to bring recycling back to residents of Shreveport.

Norman says these proposals range from a curbside program (much like we used to have) to drop-off recycling and another plan that calls for a recycling everything proposal.
Norman says he has put a committee together to review all four proposals and make a decision. He says this committee will score the proposals and then an award letter would go out to the chosen company.

But Norman says this will not happen quickly. He says it will take some time to gear up and get the necessary equipment. He says we are still several months away from putting a new program in place.

The city’s recycling contract with Republic Services ended in October and the service stopped. The $2.50 monthly charge was also stopped at that time. The city was collecting that fee from about 66,000 residents. But the numbers show only about 13,000 residents actually recycled goods. The goal for this new deal is to cover the full cost of the plan with these dollars.

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