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Earlier this week Erin reported about a huge recall by the JM Smucker Company, the makers of Jif peanut butter.  My first reaction was "probably not here".  When I looked up information about the recall, there was a map showing states involved, and Louisiana wasn't even on the map.  We had just purchased one of those large two-packs of Jif from Sam's locally.  But after the report of a salmonella outbreak related to Jif, even my wife 'encouraged' me to check our lot numbers.  I found out our jars did fall under the recalled batch. The Food and Drug Administration says the recalled peanut butter has the codes 1274425 – 2140425. You will find the lot codes next to the “best-if-used-by” date.

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Photo by Mike Martindale TSM
Photo by Mike Martindale TSM

So I packed up my my large tubs and went back to Sam's, hoping the fact that I didn't still have my receipt wouldn't be an issue.  It wasn't.  As soon as I approached the Service Desk, I saw a flat bed cart with several jars of Jif that had been returned.  And to Sam's credit, there was no issue at all with the return.  The lady behind the counter had already been dealing with returns and issued my refund via a Sam's Gift Card. If you've recently purchased Jif Peanut Butter locally, please check your lot numbers.  Erin's recent purchased wasn't involved, but mine was.

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