Some tips from police to stay car-safe this summer. Shreveport Police Spokesman Bill Goodin says at least half of the auto burglaries investigated by S-P-D involve unlocked cars. So, first and foremost, he says get in the habit of rolling up your windows and locking your vehicle's doors. Then he says you need to remove all valuables from your vehicle when you park it for the night and never leave anything of value where it can be seen -- not even your garage door opener.  Sgt. Goodin says most car burglaries occur at night, and thieves don't like light, so you should consider installing a motion detector or leaving an outside light burning at night. Goodin says there are three elements that must be in place for a crime to occur -- desire, ability, and opportunity -- and the more we do to remove one or more of those elements the less chance there is for crime.

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