There are several broken hearts throughout the Ark-LaTex. Like crawfish is to Mudbug Madness, and beer is to Brew, and wine is to Cork, the Pizzaletta is a staple to The Red River Revel.

For the past 20 years people all over the SBC have flocked to the Revel for the music, the art, but most of all, the perfect mix of a Louisiana staple a muffaletta and a pizza. Basically, as my friend Hillary describes a Pizzaletta, it's harmony in your mouth.

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The Saint Joseph Catholic School PTO dedicates their time for the weeks leading up to The Revel to make all the Pizzaletta's. They have to special order ingredients and countless hours and manpower flood the school cafeteria to get these Pizzaletta's to the Revel. We will not be able to taste the fruit of their labor due to a horrid case of vandalism. Culprits broke into the Saint Joseph Catholic School refrigerated truck and ruined all the supplies.

Susan Belanger

Saint Joseph Catholic School took to their Facebook to say:

"Sadly, we announce that we will not be participating in the Red River Revel this year as planned. Due to vandalism, we will not be able to sell our famous pizzalettas. The refrigerated truck we use to store our products was broken into, and our supplies were ruined. We will miss seeing our loyal customers and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this event. We especially would like to thank Camille Jones, our PTO president, and Revel organizer. Keep up the Falcon Pride and we look forward to seeing everyone at Revel 2020."

If you would like to help Daint Joseph's fundraising efforts, you can help by donating online by clicking here.