The beloved Shreveport nightclub appears to be inching closer to a much-awaited grand reopening.

Back in October, we wrote an article highlighting the possibility of Phoenix Underground fittingly rising from the ashes. A couple of months ago, it was pure speculation following a cryptic post shared by Phoenix Underground on Facebook that simply read, "Guess What?" Immediately, just off of those two words, Shreveport began speculating on the possibility of downtown's most beloved nightclub making a comeback.

During that time, I did a little bit of investigating myself and noticed that Phoenix's address changed on Facebook to 400 Commerce Street. That venue has been vacant since 2017 and was recently sold to new ownership. Since October, construction crews have been inside that building literally 24/7.

Now, fast forward to December, and we know with certainty that Phoenix is coming back, and doing so in that building. There's only one question that remains to be answered: When?

Well, judging by recent Facebook activity, it would appear that Shreveport's crown jewel when it comes to nightlife will be making its official comeback sooner rather than later. Over the weekend, Phoenix shared a short video showing an updated Phoenix logo with a retro-feel. The caption read, "COMING SOON". A day later, Phoenix shared a status looking to hire employees ranging from DJs to managers to bartenders and every nightclub position in between.

If the club is now hiring, that means we might be closer to a grand opening than you might expect. Plus, I've said since October that if Phoenix is indeed coming back, you better believe they'll do anything in their power to make sure the new club is up and running before the biggest night of the year, which is of course, New Years Eve.

I'll try to swing by 400 Commerce Street soon and see if I can grab a few pictures for you soon.

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