Attorneys representing Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins have filed an appeal with the State Supreme Court of Louisiana to hear his challenge to a lower court ruling which deemed him ineligible to run for re-election.

Caddo District Court Judge Brady O'Callaghan declared Perkins was disqualified from the November election because he wrote down the wrong address on his form when he qualified to run for office last month.

In his ruling, O'Callaghan referenced a case in West Monroe that involved a similar scenario, that disqualified a candidate. That West Monroe ruling was appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, where it was upheld.

On Monday, the 2nd Circuit Court handed down a ruling affirming the O'Callaghan ruling, again declaring Perkins ineligible to run. That ruling officially came in at 11am, and the Perkins team had 48 hours to file a notice of appeal with the State Supreme Court.

KEEL News has learned the state's high court got that appeal from the Perkins camp at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon.

All 7 justices on the State Supreme Court will take a look at the claims made in the Perkins' brief. If a majority of those judges want to order a hearing on the case, it will be scheduled. But there is no deadline or timetable for scheduling such a hearing. We do know it would most likely be expedited.

What Does the Perkins Brief Claim?

"The Court should grant this writ application because there is a significant conflict among the Second, Fourth and Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeal concerning grounds for disqualifying candidates under the Louis1ana Election Code."

The Perkins Claim Adds:

"The Court should also grant this writ application because the lower court’s decision significantly impacts the public's interest in electing the mayor of this state’s third largest city. Moreover, this Court should grant this writ application because the Second Circuit has erroneously interpreted Louisiana law and its decision, if allowed to stand, will cause material injustice and significantly affect the public interest."

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