We've seen some powerful images throughout our coverage of Hurricane Harvey, but this may take the cake.

Humans helping humans—literally chained arm in arm to save an elderly man from drowning. Maritza Castillo and her husband were headed down Interstate 10 in Houston to help a family member who had been flooded in when they were turned around due to flooded roadways.

While they sat in traffic, they realized what was happening right in front of them. It was like a dramatic scene from a movie as floodwaters picked up the SUV of an elderly man and were sweeping him away in his vehicle.

The couple jumped in along with dozens of other drivers when someone cried out, "let's form a chain."

It should be noted that these people were all strangers, but immediately without question, they all jumped in to save the man's life. They were able to eventually get his door open and pull the elderly man to safety.

According to CNN, he was taken to a local hospital and reunited with his son.

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