SHREVEPORT, LA – A sad ending for youngsters all around northwest Louisiana. One of the areas best places for a party or a day of fun is shutting down.

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Bubba and Bernadette Chandler put the property up for sale more than a year ago. The complex includes the 12,426 SF sports & entertainment building plus the large land offering at a prime spot in north Bossier that is on the grow.

The Chandler's sent out this statement to the community:

Friends of Party Central, 

With heavy hearts and deep gratitude, we announce the closing of Party Central Family Fun Center. After nearly three decades of laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories, we have decided to retire and sell the property to private investors. This decision marks the end of an incredible chapter in our lives, and we look forward to what lies ahead.
The Statement adds:
Since our humble beginnings in 1996 as a home-based rental company, and moving to our Viking Drive location in 2000, Party Central has been more than just a fun center – it’s been a place where countless memories were made. We’ve been honored to host your birthday parties, family gatherings, and special events. The trust you’ve placed in us with your children and families means the world to us.
Bernadette and Bubba Chandler
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Party Central Family Fun Center has been open in Bossier City for about 25 years. The complex has mini-golf, batting cages, go-carts, an arcade, and great party rooms. But the longtime owners have decided to sell the property.

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The Party Central property was put up for sale for just over $2 million dollars more than a year ago. That did not include all the equipment. The final sales price has not yet been revealed. But we do know the equipment is not part of the sale.

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What Is Happening with the Equipment?

The entertainment equipment will be going on the auction block in June. This will include all the mini golf equipment, the arcade games, the bumper boats, the go-carts, the batting cage equipment and all of the party tables and supplies. All of the equipment is being priced and prepared for the auction.

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The Party Central Family includes 23 employees who have been dedicated to bringing family fun to our region.

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When Is Party Central Closing?

Bernadette Chandler tells KEEL News the last day of operation will be on Sunday, May 26. She says the sale of the property is expected to close this week. She says the buyers are private investors and they have not disclosed yet what they plan to do with the property.

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As soon as we get information about the auction for all of the equipment, we will post updates.

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