Bossier Sheriff's Deputies have arrested a 16 year old Parkway student for making terroristic threats. Several students overheard the teen making disturbing threats in class Thursday and reported it to police. Deputies arrested the student at Parkway High School Friday morning.

Officers searched the teen and his belongings, but found no guns or weapons.

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington said in a statement that the Parish has a zero tolerance policy for these kinds of threats:

We simply cannot stress enough just how serious we take any threat to other students, faculty, or to the school. The safety and security of our young people is paramount at the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, and our policy is rather simple when it comes to making threats to harm other people – ZERO TOLERANCE!

The Sheriff encourages parents to have a conversation with their children about speaking out when they hear another student making threats.

This is just one of several threats that has been reported to police since the Florida school shooting last month.

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