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While in some parts of Louisiana, Sheriffs have taken the step of notifying parents of sex offenders residences on Halloween, parents in Northwest Louisiana have to research this on their own.

Yes, in some parts of our state, and the country, law enforcement have gone out of their way to place signs in the yards of sex offenders during trick-or-treating. Even though some judges have started fighting against the practice, law enforcement leaders believe state laws protect this idea. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office told

"...state law already provides rigorous registration and neighbor-notification provisions for sex offenders, including specific provisions for Halloween.

Such offenders are barred from distributing candy on Halloween to anyone under 18 and wearing masks, hoods or disguises during the holiday, according to a Sheriff's Office news release. Sex offenders are also instructed not to decorate their houses for Halloween, not to leave their porch lights on and not to answer the door."

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Again, the signage in the yards may be happening in other parts of Louisiana, but it doesn't appear that any Sheriff's departments in Northwest Louisiana will be doing this. So the parents in our area will need to pay attention. These are the websites parents will need to check before their kids go out on Halloween:

These sites will still require you to enter information for the area you are looking for. So plan out your trick-or-treating routes before you check these sites.

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