I've spent many hours in local schools reading to youngsters, at assemblies and of course at events with my own children. So I am quite shocked to hear about this new policy from a school district in Maryland. Parents can no longer hug any child except their own.  Also, birthday party invitations are no longer allowed because all children might not be invited and that could hurt some feelings. Parents are also banned from bringing cupcakes to school for the whole class. And the next change is just crazy. Only parents registered as volunteers are allowed on the playground, and even then they can't push other people's kids on the swings. You are not allowed to touch other people's children. There's concern that you might touch a child on the bottom and that could lead to legal action.

Kelly Hall, the district's executive director of elementary schools discussed the party invitation, "If there are 20 individuals in the class and someone brings in seven birthday invitations, it was creating an academic disruption and children were getting their feelings hurt."