Maybe aliens like cookies too.

Getting in on the fun, Oreo has decided to make an offering any extraterrestrial creatures visiting this planet.

In a press release, the company announced that was making an offering of Double Stuf Oreos as a welcome gift to any UFOS. The statement described the decision as part of the company’s mission to bring all life forms together and treat them to Earth’s favorite cookie (which, according to Oreo, is Oreos).

The company also shared a photo of a wheat field in Kansas that had an Oreo cookie-styled crop circle in the middle of it.

As Fox News previously reported, the intelligence report that set off this UFO fervor is set to be presented to Congress later this month. The report details more than 120 encounters with these unexplainable phenomena. According to the report, military officials could not explain some of the bizarre movements these objects have made and while it cannot definitively say that the objects are spacecraft, it also cannot rule that possibility out.


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