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People have always told me that there are weird things that happen in the sky over Shreveport and Bossier City. But often, they're blamed on experimental aircraft from Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier more than aliens. Now, to be fair, either of those are still UFOs...because they're "unidentified".

I've heard tons of stories about the lights that get caught here. I've even been sent videos of them, like this one from a couple years ago:

Those specific lights could be something from Barksdale of course. But weirdly, there were 3-4 DIFFERENT explanations from officials. There was a flight training academy that took responsibility for training airline pilots, Military personnel told our news affiliate that it was their drone training, and a local Sheriff said it was a training exercise that they were a part of. But none of the stories lined up...weird right?

But according to research from the National UFO Reporting Center, put together by, Louisiana is one of the lowest states for UFO reports in the whole US. In fact, Louisiana is the SECOND LOWEST behind only Texas.

According to their data, Louisiana has only reported 67 UFO sightings this year, which means only 1.44 UFO sightings per 100,000 residents. Texas has had almost 400 UFO sightings, but with far more people in their state, their UFO sightings per 100,000 residents is only 1.29.

The highest in the country is Idaho, who has a whopping 9.18 UFO sightings per 100,000 residents. The highest raw number of UFO sightings, without taking population into account, is California, who has nearly 1,000 sightings for 2020.


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