Last night my father and I went back and forth about how it could happen that Obama won a second term. He was in utter dismay. I was my normal "angry white man" self as my wife calls me. Then, my father pressed me and sent email platitudes from a former Liberal family member about how we need to understand how we have "crossed the Rubicon" and shouldn't try to lay blame.

To which I could not listen any longer to this line of "Kumbaya." My email response went like this.

I'll tell you how we got here. Let's start with, and I am sorry to indict an entire generation, the Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomers, for the most part, hate the USA. They want to take everything and not give a damn thing back. They wanted to live in a society of Utopian State-ism, where Uncle Sam was really (as Rush called it) Santa Claus.

The whole, “if it feels good, do it" mentality started with the Boomers and it has permeated through the generations.

When the Boomers began to take control of the schools, they had the power to indoctrinate and they abused it. They force fed the succeeding generation that it was up to them to pay for the Boomers' lifestyle as they exit this life.

The Boomers’ only price to be paid: End of life education, thanks to Obamacare.

It is this mentality that has given birth to, and pushed the continued use of, the “Great Society” mentality from the 1960s. The Boomers force fed the Social Justice mentality.

John F. Kennedy (Getty)

The Baby Boomers also wanted to find way to break the system. Sadly, they learned nothing from JFK’s statement “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” They learned nothing from JFK, but they use his name as they raise the Liberal flag. By today’s standards, his policies would be considered radical Right.

This election came down to the teachings of the Boomers wanting free stuff and they passed that down through the generations. They have dumbed down society via UNESCO and No Child Left Behind, while leading successive generations to believe that those who give most don’t give enough. They have taught that greed is value.

Why do you think they have coined the term “Economic Patriotism”? Because it is pretty and feels good.

I also blame Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43, as well as Obama. This is 20+ years in the making. All of those Presidents knew that self-reliance and independence could be whittled away, and they were right. When you don’t instill that in the family to start with, there isn’t much to tear down.

The Boomers now look at how things have happened and say what Hannibal from A-Team used to say “I love it when a plan comes together.”

I also look at the Republican party as guilty. They don’t want to win.

I sided with Romney after the nomination (though I think Santorum was a better candidate) because Romney was the only candidate who had the money to win. But he is not a Conservative. He didn't extol the virtues of Conservatism outside of Capitalism with any kind of real conviction. I have said that he was a squishy Republican. I stand behind that still.

Paul Ryan had merit and should have been the nominee, but let's not go there.

Romney's modesty was a detriment. He never spoke of his accomplishments; others did. Being proud of your accomplishments isn't arrogance, it's confidence. Shying away from those accomplishments falls into the same mentality that doing well in school is bad and that you are a nerd.

Now, let’s look at the candidates that the Republicans have put forth since Reagan:

Bush 41 sold us into the UN with NAFTA and Agenda 21, he was a One World government thinker who got the final ball rolling toward Socialism.

Bob Dole, I'm sorry if this offends you, but in the world of TV and cameras 24/7 he just looked too old against Clinton and he was also had a handicap. I know, you are thinking "but FDR had one too". FDR was a Liberal, the media protected him and he was able to pull it off, Dole couldn’t and it made him look weak. (Even back then, the media protected it's own Liberal bias)

We had Bush 43, who's policies were no different than his father, as evident with the inclusion of Cheney and Powell. Let's not forget that he also signed off on the Patriot Act.
Then the stupid nomination of John McCain who was nothing more than a Liberal masquerading as a moderate Republican, who gave the election to Obama when he said that “there is nothing to fear from an Obama presidency”.

We also have to blame Chris Christie and his paling around with Obama during the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. Keep in mind that Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg told Obama to stay away.

Christie and Obama (Getty)

I pray and hope that Christie loses his next term as governor of New Jersey. I hope the Republican party turns its back on him. He praised the president countless times in the first 48 hours of the President's efforts regarding hurricane Sandy, though most governors would have done that after help arrived and the power was back on. Then he went to the media and told them that he cried when Bruce Springsteen called him from Air Force One at the behest of Obama!

Chris, why didn't you just say, "Hi, I'm Chris Christie and I revoke my endorsement for Mitt Romney and give it to President Obama"?

And where the heck was Romney for the five days after Sandy? He disappeared, and that hurt him.

As much as I have and will always vote Republican (with one exception when I gladly voted for Perot), the party has a severe image problem and they really need to fix it.

The Democrats have used skullduggery to get their message out. As morally bankrupt as the Left is, they won using OUR system -- OUR game: the Representative form of government known as a Republic. I fear that system has been lost forever with the last two elections.

My kids have nothing to look forward to in a Liberal/European form of government. They are not minorities and I pray that they will not be treated like second-class citizens.

The country deserves this joke of a president. They voted for him. The half of us who didn’t will be the ones who suffer most. The ones that did are too stupid to know what will happen next.

Steve King is the Operations Manager of Townsquare Media Shreveport-Bossier and 710 KEEL.


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