Did You Know There Is a Nutria Pardoning Every SIngle Year In Louisiana?

Houma, Louisiana is home to the Rougarou Fest. Rougarou Fest is a family-friendly festival that takes over Downtown Houma from October 21st through October 23rd celebrating the spooky folklore that exists along the bayous of Southeast Louisiana.

If you live in the Bayou State, you know about Rougarou and nutria the invasive water rat. Okay maybe calling it a water rat isn't the correct term, a nutria is native to South America, however, it is an invasive semi-aquatic rodent now living in Louisiana’s wetlands.

Nutria Are Hated By Many Because of the Damage They Cause in Louisiana.

Did you know that nutria destroy the banks of ditches, lakes, and other water bodies? The biggest and most concerning damage is that Nutria will cause permanent damage to coastal marshes and other wetlands by feeding on native plants that hold wetland soil together. In order to control Louisiana’s nutria population, there is a bounty for nutria tails.


There is One Nutria That Has His Tail Saved Every Year.

The Wetlands Discovery Center’s official nutria, Beignet. According to the Wetland's Discovery Center, he is "sweet as sugar" He helps the staff teach students about the importance of Louisiana’s wetlands, and he doesn't eat away at the marsh but he will tear up some carrots and celery. Every year Beignet is officially pardoned at the Rougarou Fest keeping him safe from hunters.

A Louisiana Favorite Has Been Tapped to Be the One Who Pardons Beignet the Nutria.

Billy Nungesser Lt. Governor of Louisiana is going to make the trip to Rougarou Fest just to make sure that Beignet's tail is saved from all the hunters in Louisiana. We hope he posts photos because we want to see if they end up getting along.

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