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The 2021 Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl will feature some players who might one day make an NFL roster. Who knows, there might be another first round NFL Draft Pick in the game too.

It's not unrealistic to think that a first round pick might be playing in this year's game, or really any Independence Bowl. That's because there have been plenty of first round picks who have played in the game over the last few decades. Including some players who have gone #1 overall in the NFL Draft.

But not every player who gets drafted after playing in the Indy Bowl is a high pick either. There are a lot of 6th and 7th round picks that play in the game as well. There are even players who play in the game, but never get selected in the draft, who still go on to make NFL rosters.

For now, we're going to examine some of the bigger names that played in the game and were selected in the NFL Draft. These players aren't necessarily the best players in NFL history, or all first round picks, or players who had the greatest Independence Bowl performances ever. These are going to be a combination of all of that. Some of these players were picked high in the draft, others had great games in Shreveport, but some had mediocre games in Shreveport, didn't get drafted at the top of the draft, but went on to solid NFL career.

Notable Draft Picks Who Played In The Independence Bowl

Players info will include their school, the year they played in the Independence Bowl, and their NFL Draft position.

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