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Liz Swaine of the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority recently told KEEL News that one of Shreveport's favorite local spots downtown for local music, great food, and more local, craft, and on-tap beers than you can shake a dart at, is re-opening.  The Noble Savage Tavern, on Texas Street in downtown Shreveport has been shuttered for almost a year.  But new owners have now come in and are making some improvements on the facilty and getting ready to re-open the beloved tavern.

Noble Savage via Facebook
Noble Savage via Facebook

The Noble Savage has had a... 'colorful', history if you will, but that hasn't had a deterrent on local fans. In 2014 one of the owners, Angela Godley was murdered in her home, with her boyfriend and business partner accused of the killing, who was later convicted of 2nd degree murder.  Noble Savage was closed soon after, but re-opened months later under new ownership.

The most recent closing was last November, when the then owners were traveling a lot for business, and couldn't focus enough of their time on the restaurant/bar business.

Because this is breaking news, a lot is still unknown about what's in store for the latest incarnation of the tavern.  Will it still maintain the Savage name? Will they still feature live music? What will the menu look like?  In years past, The Savage was known for a unique, ecclectic menu of items available, including rattlesnake and exotic meats, including lion.  It was later pared down to more traditional 'pub fare', including "Fin & Chips", (fish & chips),  a Pastrami Rueben, muffalettas, burgers, pizza & salads, among many other items.

According to Liz, the tavern is expected to re-open in the next month or so... we can't wait!

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