What in the heck is going on in Frierson, Louisiana?

A good friend of mine posted this image online and I had to share it with you all today, after receiving permission! The photo has absolutely blown up on Facebook, and for good reason, you simply don't see this every day.

In the parking lot of the local Dollar General, sat a generic, white Toyota Corolla. Now, for those who have never sat in a Corolla, these are your standard mid-size sedans. They certainly aren't large vehicles, so it's coming as a shock to all of us to see what the car-owner stuffed in the back seat outside of this convenience store.

Sitting there, minding it's own business and enjoying a nice breeze on it's face, sat a horse. It's hard to tell by the picture exactly how old/big the horse is, but it is without question, a real horse and it seems to be enjoying itself.

Check it out!



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