We hear all the time about how dangerous this heat is to people and pets...but how are the animals at our two local sanctuaries holding up? Dr. Linda Brent with Chimp Haven in Keithville says it's been a pretty tough season. She says extra money has been spent to add large fans with water misters, so the chimps can cool off indoors. She says the staff also freezes as many items as possible. Frozen juice boxes are a popular treat right now.

Over in Frierson, Jenny Senier with Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary says people are always asking her why she doesn't have big fans or air-conditioned enclosures for the cats. She says it's because the cats are used to a hotter climate anyway, and they know what they need. For some tigers, it's a dip in the pool, but for the lions -- which don't like water as much -- it could be frozen snacks, called "meat cubes." Senier says if one of the cats looks like it's overheated, it'll be hosed down -- whether it likes the water or not. She says the cats also have plenty of shelter to keep them out of the sun. Both sanctuaries have volunteers who work outdoors with the animals -- and extra precautions are being taken to make sure those people are safe, too.