The gambling landscape in Shreveport Bossier could be changing. Penisula Pacific, the parent company of Diamond Jacks Casino says there has been no decision on a possible move of the local boat.

There are a couple of options. One would be an expansion at the local propery and the other involves a move to south Louisiana. In the meantime, there is now a push to bring a casino to the Monroe market.

Monroe Representative Marcus Hunter has filed legislation to pave the way for a riverboat casino to come to Monroe. The state has 15-licensed riverboat casinos and for a casino to be located on the Ouachita, the license would have to move from another location in the state. But Hunter wouldn’t say what gaming operator is interested in moving to northeast Louisiana. Ouachita Parish voters would have to okay a casino in Monroe.

Peninsula Pacific executives say they did have some discussions with the Southside Economic Development District, but right now are only focused on either Bossier or south Louisiana.

If a bill passes to move the local boat to Tangipahoa Parish,Gov. John Bel Edwards says he’ll sign it.

“I will sign the bill if it hits my desk and give the people of Tangipahoa Parish an opportunity to vote on whether they would want to have that casino,” Gov. Edwards said. “They would be able to evaluate the impacts, whether they’re pro or con — the job creation and total amount of investment — and see whether they would want that.”

He also added that as a voter in Tangipahoa Parish, “If the election is called, I will vote for it.”

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