We are moving into the heart of crawfish season, but prices are still a little high. I expect to see a pretty good price drop in the next few weeks. I did not find much change in prices this week.

The cheapest price we could find on March 29th for live crawfish is at Beaux's Sport and Goods in Haughton where the price has finally dropped below $3 a pound at $2.95. Several local spots are selling live crawfish for $3.50 a pound.

Prices for boiled crawfish are now closing in on the $5 dollar mark. Farmer's Seafood has now dropped the price to for boiled bugs to $5.39 a pound. Larry P's Boiling Pot is charging $5.50 a pound this week. I expect to see these prices dip closer to $4 dollars a pound in the next few weeks.

Best advice to crawfish connoisseurs is to call first before heading off to buy some bugs.  You want to make sure these hot spots are not sold out.

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