Baton Rouge police have arrested the mother of nine children found in a home with little food.

Police say state authority took custody of the nine siblings after finding no beds for the children in their home Saturday. The Advocate reports the mother of the children, 27-year-old Leticia Brothers, was arrested and booked with child endangerment, cruelty to juveniles, criminal neglect of family and encouraging child delinquency by neglect.

Baton Rouge police were called to Brothers' home Saturday after receiving a report about child abuse. After looking through the house, officers noticed just two couches and no beds in the home and “extremely minimal food in the pantry and refrigerator” and found that all nine children slept “huddled together” on the floor in the bedroom with “minimal comforts,” the report says.

Baton Rouge Police spokesman Cpl. Don Coppola said the nine children were placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services. Bail for Brothers has not been set.