I have to say, although I've never been a huge Nick Saban fan, I never was one who 'hated' him because he ended up being the head coach at the despised Alabama Crimson Tide.  A lot of people forget the fact that he didn't leave LSU to go to Alabama.   He left LSU to take the head coaching job at the Miami Dolphins of the NFL.

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And if you want to hate on Saban, there might be enough satisfaction in the fact that his tenure in 'the pros' was less than successful.  You might also remember that Saban was the coach when Miami decided to pass on the then young Drew Brees.  Brees was the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers when he suffered a major shoulder injury of his throwing arm diving into the pile trying to recover a fumble.  Which is exactly why you see most quarterbacks backing away from just such a situation today.

But regardless whether or not you love Saban or hate him, his daughter recently posted a special Father's Day tribute to her dad on her Instagram page that gives us a little inside peek.

For most of us, the only time we really get to see the intense head coach is on the sideline during a game.  And even when the Tide scores, or does well, he rarely looks happy.  So, his daughter's Father's Day post offered a little insight into a Saban most people rarely get to see.

I don't think Oleksandr Usyk has anything to worry about...

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