Coming out of prison has to be hard.  Getting a job is a little tricky with out the title of "ex-con" hanging around your head.   Having to check the little box that indicates that you have served your time has to be blow to your ego at the very least.  The upside is, more and more places are starting to give the previously-incarcerated a chance when it comes to employment.  But that's not the only way society is trying to integrate our lost brethren.

Men's Wearhouse, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, and Refined by Fire Ministries are teaming up to help the recently released make a fantastic first impression.  Until July 31st, Men's Wearhouse locations will accept donations of suits, dress shirts, jackets, dress skirts, outerwear, ties, belts and shoes.  The clothes and accessories will be cleaned, pressed, and distributed to help these folks look their sharpest at the job interview.

By the way, you won't walk away with just a fantastic feeling after you donate.  Men's Wearhouse will reward your kindness with a 50% discount coupon toward a future purchase as well as tax receipts for donated items (write-off!).

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