A study released about a week ago at 247wallst.com says that Shreveport is the "Worst City To Live" in Louisiana!

Bossiernow.com explains the survey and its metrics:

The studyproduced by Wall St. 24/7 and reprinted by numerous national outlets including USA Today  - considered 37 factors in eight major categories: crime, economy, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure, and leisure.


Topping the list for Louisiana was our neighboring city to the west.


“Shreveport has the weakest job market of any large city in Louisiana,” the report says. “The annual unemployment rate of 6.6% in Shreveport is higher than the comparable state rate of 6.1% and the national rate of 4.9%. As is the case in several other Louisiana cities, jobs are disappearing in Shreveport. Overall employment fell by 2.4% in the city from 2014 to 2016, even as total employment climbed 3.5% nationwide over the same period.”


Wall St. 24/7 says the weak job market “may partially explain low incomes in the city,” noting Shreveport’s typical household earns $34,647 a year, compared to the state’s median income of $45,146.


However, the publication adds that because they are only comparing cities with others in the same state, “cities on this list are not necessarily bad places to live in the context of the United States as a whole” and “may be suitable places to live for many of their residents.”

To see the entire 247wallst.com survey, including remarks about Shreveport, JUST CLICK HERE!



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