If you have lived in Louisiana for longer than a year, you most likely have had to get your vehicle inspected here.  You may already know that the adhesive used to stick the notification that you are in compliance with the law is not up to task.  If not, you will know the frustration of a rolled up sticker soon enough - unless you can hold of until next year.

According to KALB, the great state of Louisiana is tired of hearing complaints from residents who are doing their best to stay on the right side of the law only to have this required tag on their car become completely unstuck in a matter of weeks!  A few months ago, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) offered this helpful advice via a series of public service announcements: Use clear tape.  Now that the clear tape is reportedly peeling off, a more permanent solution in on the horizon.

The OMV has determined that the culprit was an inferior glue on the defective stickers.  They have reportedly ordered a new batch of inspection tags with an adhesive that is supposed to be much stronger.  The new stickers should be available across the state as soon as January of 2020.

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