Election day is this Saturday and pollsters are busy trying to see how you will vote in the Governor's race.

Early Voting Begins In Florida
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Republicans  have made headway across Louisiana, winning nearly all statewide offices (except Governor) and taking control of both houses of the Legislature.

In this latest poll, a sample of likely households was chosen from registered voters. 65% of the people were on land lines and 35% were cell phones.

600 people answered the questions. The survey was conducted October 3-5. The margin of error was 4.0%. JMC says the demographic breakdown was 68-29% white/black (3% “other”), while the party registration of respondents was 45-35% Democratic/Republican (20% Independents). The geographic breakdown of the
respondents was as follows: 5% from Alexandria, 21% from Baton Rouge, 14% from Lafayette, 5% from Lake Charles, 8% from Monroe, 36% from New Orleans, and 12% from Shreveport.


The Louisiana Association of Health Plans (LAHP) engaged JMC to conduct the poll.

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