I would rather have a record like the Lions than miss the playoffs the way the Saints did today.

We wrote last week about how the Saints not only have a route to the NFL playoffs, but a pretty realistic one at that. Last week, the Saints needed three things to happen in order to claim their spot in the playoffs. One of those boxes were checked once week 17 concluded.

When we broke down what needed to happen for the Saints to get in, the three dominos were incredibly realist and one could even say highly possible. First and foremost, the New Orleans Saints absolutely had to beat the dirty birds of Atlanta in week 18. That's all we could control. Outside of our own game, we also needed both the Vikings and the 49ers to lose just one of their final two games. Luckily for us, the Vikings fell in brutal fashion to the Packers last week on Sunday Night Football.

Now, once the Saints beat the Falcons in the early window today, all eyes turned to California where every Saints fan on the planet turned into a Rams fan for three hours. Sadly, the Rams let us down big time.

The San Francisco 49ers went down big time early in the game, and all signs pointed towards the Saints pulling off the unthinkable and actually making the playoffs. It was not to be as the 49ers completed an incredible comeback and took the game to overtime, where they kicked a field goal, and Matthew Stafford threw an insanely stupid interception on 1st and 10. Honestly, the pass made absolutely no sense, and I'm conviced it was the result of the universe just trying to punish us Saints fans once again.

Shame on the Rams and the 49ers can go to Hell.

Until next year, Saints fans!

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