The big question today is what will happen with Shreveport's bid to be home of the G-League team for the New Orleans Pelicans. The City Council voted down the plan to use public money to build an arena to house the team.

Greg Bensel Senior Vice President of Communications with the New Orleans Pelicans tells KEEL News "the council voted and their vote was clear. We respect their vote."  I asked Bensel: Does this kill the Pelicans interest in Shreveport. He responded: "Not that I am aware of- Shreveport will always be a Pelicans Saints market."

Shreveport Councilman Willie Bradford led the charge to defeat the proposed arena. He explains why during this interview:

Bensel told the Shreveport Times: "We are still moving in the process. Both the Saints and the Pelicans humbly appreciate all of the support we receive from Shreveport and remain always interested in the development, promotion and well-being of our state." He added: "If another opportunity arises, we would be happy to re-engage with the community."

We also caught up with Mayor Ollie Tyler to ask her what happens now.


The Pensacola News Journal has this report on the G-League deal.


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