That's not a fog machine making that much smoke, that's a fire. One float broke into smoke and flames during the Krewe of Orpheus 2023 parade in New Orleans.

According to WDSU News it was Float 14, The Leviathan, that caught fire on Monday night. The fire happened near 2525 St. Charles Avenue. There were no injuries reported immediately, and the parade resumed after about 30 minutes.

Social media exploded as parade revelers were quick to catch pictures and videos of the large rolling structure billowing smoke. In true New Orleans fashion, they also got their quips in about the situation. Here are some of the instant reactions posted to Twitter:

WVUE-TV also reports that a parade goer was injured earlier in the day during another parade. According to their report, a float with the Krewe of Proteus backed into a bench near St. Charles Avenue and Peniston Street, which reportedly injured a spectator.

None of the events from Monday are expected to slow down the Fat Tuesday parades in New Orleans. Which include the Krewe of Zulu and the Krewe of Rex. Both parades will be broadcast online through, which will cover them live on their Youtube channel. They have their broadcast scheduled to start at 8am on Fat Tuesday.

You can catch some of their previous parade coverage for Mardi Gras 2023 online with their Youtube videos. Here are a couple of this year's Mardi Gras broadcasts:

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