When it comes to New Orleans culture and music, there are two names that immediately come to mind: Louis Armstrong and Dr. John. Sadly, on June 6th, we lost a huge piece Louisiana's fabric when Dr. John passed away at the age of 77.

Malcolm John Rebennack – the New Orleans native better known as Dr. John – died of a heart attack early Thursday morning, according to his publicist. Dr. John's musical career started in the 50's when he was a teenager. According to legend, Rebennack became sort of a local legend for being able to rock the traditional black night club, the Dew Drop Inn.

According to legend, Mac - as he was known to friends - switched from guitar to piano after being shot in the finger following a raucous nightclub performance.  Dr. John's real life exploits are almost as mysterious and legendary as hoodoo medicine man persona.

He's a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. He wrote and performed hundreds of legendary tunes. He won several Grammy Awards. He served as the basis for Dr. Teeth of Muppets fame. The influence and legend of Dr. John stretched far beyond the bayou state. But, no matter where his life took him, the Nightripper was New Orleans through and through. He was a piece of the fabric of Louisiana's unique culture. He was the living embodiment of what makes Louisiana special.

Dr. John may be gone, but he'll be forever be apart of what makes Louisiana Louisiana.

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