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A casino in New Orleans is making waves on social media after an incident involving a member of the United States armed forces.

Deja Harrison, a member of the US Army, was prevented from playing at Harrah's New Orleans when staff stopped her to question her identification. Harrison provided her Army ID, but the staff member questioned her credentials. Here is the video that Harrison posted to Twitter:

The staff member, who Harrison identified as "Corey" can be heard in the video saying that he doesn't believe the ID belongs to Harrison. He said he doesn't believe it is fake, but did not believe that Harrison was the person in the photo on the ID.

According to Harrison's Twitter account, she waited for the New Orleans Police for hours, but they never arrived.

According to Harrison's account on her Twitter, she presented multiple forms of identification, including a COVID vaccination card. But the Harrah's staff would still not take them as valid forms of identification. Harrison also suggested that the staff member, "Corey", did not believe that she achieved her military rank at a young age.

As the story spread online, many chimed in with their take on the situation, what those around Harrison should have done at the casino, and what the casino should be doing now to make it right.

Harrah's has not posted anything to their social media about the incident. So right now the only side of the story we have is Harrison's, and her video evidence. Which means we don't know exactly what took place before this part of the story, and we honestly don't know what happened after the video concluded, beyond what Harrison posted. Harrah's may eventually release their side of the story, but for now, we just have the video and statements provided.

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