Just when you think you have seen it all a new law comes into play that has left a lot of us scratching our heads. The Seattle Police Department took to their Facebook page to let Seattle residents know about a new law that they will be enforcing.

"You heard it here first: If your motor vehicle has a noisy exhaust system, you could be subject to a $136 fine. Officers are out conducting education and enforcement of the new law (SMC 25.08.430)" - Seattle Police Department

Seattle residents need to get rid of a loud exhaust or face a $136 fine. If your exhaust can be heard from over 75 feet away, you'll be headed to the ATM to withdraw $136 for the great city of Seattle. What do you think would happen if this became a law here? Would you take your car to the shop to remove the loud exhaust or would you just pay the fine? Do you think a law like this would ever be passed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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