As our world returns to normal, the state will get back to issuing Covid vaccines. Governor John Bel Edwards has announced more people will now be eligible to get the shots.

The next group includes those between the ages of 55-64 with one or more health conditions. The shots will be available to this group beginning on Monday, February 22nd. Teachers and support staff working in our schools and daycare staff will also be eligible.

Here's everything the Governor talked about this week.


As you can see in the graphic above, there are several underlying health conditions that will make someone eligible.

Pregnant women and non-emergency medical transportation providers and staff will also become eligible to receive the vaccine.

According to Governor Edwards, 812,000 vaccine doses have been distributed in Louisiana.

The vaccine operation is expected to be back up and going at the State Fairgrounds, but final details will likely be released on Friday or over the weekend.

The health department says there have been some delays getting vaccines out to health care providers:

Due to the continued cold weather that is being experienced statewide in Louisiana, this week’s shipments of COVID vaccines have been slowed and delayed. As we learn more information and have greater understanding of estimated times of arrival, we will share that information.

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