There will be a new election held for the Caddo Parish Sheriff Position. A judge decided today that a new election between John Nickelson and Henry Whitehorn will take place, possibly as early as March of 2024.

Retired Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Joe Bleich issued the ruling as an ad hoc official in the case. His ruling declares the results of the November 18th election void. Bleich stated:

“It is legally impossible to know what the true vote should have been”

The statement was made in reference to multiple "illegal" vote discovered during the recount process. According to some reports, irregularities found include two people that voted twice, a minimum of five votes submitted by absentee methods should not have been counted due to legal issues, and four vote were ruled invalid due to the voters being unqualified.

Bleich also said:

“this new runoff election is necessary not only for the candidates, but also to ensure the public’s right to untainted election results.”

The earliest date for a new election would be March 23rd, 2024, but that would be if there are no appeals to this ruling. Which many do expect there to be appeals to this ruling. The appeal of this case could eventually end up in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court, which would push the earliest possible date for a new election back even further. That is, if the Supreme Court sides with today's ruling.


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